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Cajun Boudin

·$3.89 lb.

*approximately 2 links per pound.  

Loose Boudin

·Small Pan 9x13 – 7lbs.     

·Large Pan – 20lbs.

·Bucket - 10lbs.

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Hog Head Cheese


Hog Head Cheese Molds

·Crawfish - $9.49 – 1¾ lbs.     

·Fleur de Lis - $14.99 – 2½ lbs. 


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·Smoked Sausage- $4.69lb.   

·Italian Sausage- $4.29lb.   

·Green Onion Sausage-  $4.29lb.    

·Andouille- $5.19lb.

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·3.79 per 1/4 lb.

* Fried Fresh Daily

Pork Skins

·2.39 per 1/4 lb.

* Fried Fresh Daily

Beef Jerky

·5.49 per 1/4 lb.

Party Favorites

·Pan of Links Cut in 4's

·Small Pan – 7lbs.     

·Large Pan – 20lbs.

·Crawfish Molds - 1 ¾ lbs.     

·Fleur de Lis Molds - 2 ½ lbs.

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